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The Peakbreak 2012 FCPX initial setup

Day 1

Ok so here we are again in Seeboden at the scenic Millstätter Lake in Austria.

First we set up the edit station. It fits all into one bag nowadays. Macbook, a couple of drives, some plugs and USB-sticks.

The idea is to move all Footage from the camera cards (CF, SxS, SD etc) to one drive. Then set up an Event "Peakbreak 2012" in FCPX on another drive and import the cards/archives into this event. With copy engaged FCPX will copy all media onto this event-drive, creating an immediate backup in the process.

The original 3,5'' drive that was planned for this task failed after arrival here (was tested the night before at home….must have disliked the driving)… now we use a 2,5'' WD FW800 drive as Footagedrive; but I hope it is big enough. The good thing about it is it doesn´t need power, so we can offload the cards in the car on the road now, speeding up our process even more.


In FCPX I create a Folder for every day. Into the folder comes a Keyword collection for Day, Cam and Shooter: e.g. StefanEXDay1 is one collection. That way I can always find it fast in my footage if needed or when he says "I shot that guy on day 3 with my EX" I will find a shot there with the time reference.


So with these basic keywords in place we start logging the footage with our story lines in mind: certain rider names, certain subjects (technical gear, handicapped people etc). We will end up with a ton of keyword collections, but after a few days you just drag favorites into these "bins" and when editing the documentary later and you look for "technical gear for handicapped people shot on EX in slow-motion by Stefan" the smart collection will be done in seconds….. 

Day 1 was a 110km ride over 3 mountains from Austria into Italy ending on the legendary Monte Zoncolan. The Monte Zoncolan is very steep for race bikes ……but the highlight of the day was a handicapped hand-biker, who finished the stage in time also. You will see his effort in the first web clip of the event.

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