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FCPX 10.1 my top 3 used features

Better late than are the 3 features in FCPX 10.1.2 that I use in almost EVERY project.

I do not mention the new (since 10.1) library structure here. It is obvious this structure changed a lot of workflows in the right direction and leaves us a lot of flexibility in terms of media management and every project is handled to its best and fastest output now in my edits. Mostly with external media.


So here are the three features:

1. Show Used Media Ranges in Browser


I mean this is a small feature, but it is just used basically on every clip! Even if the clip is sitting idle, it is affected by this.

Since 10.1 FCPX allows us again to see which part of our clips has been used in the currently open timeline. This is a huge deal and was missing before. If you look at the screenshot you see I now have ranges, favourites and used media highlighted on my clips. Great way to have an overview of your raw footage.

2. Blade-Speed

Blade-Speed is FCPX's way of speedramping. And it is simply more visual and faster to edit than the old way we did it in After Effects, Motion or FCP7. You set your in and out and then simply drag the parts of a clip to the duration you want them to be. FCPX will create a ramp which you can adjust of course also. I use it in EVERY project, not only sports, but also to extend a smile, a face a logo on the wall of a house, even on just works great.

3. Project Snapshots

FCPX 10.1 has many great new features and it is hard to nail it down to three, but as number 3 I use this feature. The reason why a snapshot is nice: it just gives you a piece of mind when versioning an edit. The main difference between "Duplicate" and "Duplicate as snapshot" is the latter simply locks down the project/timeline. Everything in it stays as it is. No matter what. 

If you simply duplicate a project and have compound clips and multicams etc in it, then some changes to those might ripple down to your projects. This is sometimes exactly what I want (e.g. when grading a compound or adding audio touches to a multicam), but sometimes it is NOT what I want. So a snapshot is a lockdown. I often do both! A snapshot and a normal duplicate. This helps when a client wants something from 3 edits back. You can look at exactly the edit she/he got 5 days ago.


One thing I DON´T LIKE in 10.1:

The project browser was removed and now this is a mess! I have no visual overview over my projects anymore. If you come from another NLE this is no big deal, but if you were used to awesome project browser of FCPX 10.0.x then you miss it. My workouraund to at least see my projects is a smart collection that shows all projects with a click, instead of scrolling al the way to the top of my bins. Others make events for Projects only....guess it makes sense for them, but is a workaround.

Update 10.1.2:

One thing I DON´t LIKE about 10.1.2

I like to sometimes have different Folders in my media-folder (e.g. one for each Camera; especially when they are mixed formats andneed to be re-wrapped and can´t be "left in place"). In the Import dialogue they removed the option to add different Media-Import Locations. I can do this in the Library Inspector now, but that is an extra step. The Library Media Location is now like the capture scratch in FCP7, which very fast becomes messy.

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