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Wrapping up Peakbreak and getting the C300 wet

The last two days of shooting at the Peakbreak bike race. Today the winner needed 6 hours for the 180kms through the mountains in Salzburg. In the rain. The C300 took a beating and got wet, but never seemed to care really.


We are having one more day tomorrow with lots of interviews to wrap the production, but the on-the-road edting is done. 


Finally all footage is in FCPX. Here is the body-count:

Almost 4.000 clips. Less than last year, but still 31 hours of footage (including some long GoPro on-board-shots). It will take me some hours to digest all this and form a below-30-minutes-story out of it.


This is the clip of the rainy day:


New FCPX findings after 6 days Peakbreak

After 6 days roadtrip-production we have not as much to report as 2011 when FCPX was new to us.

This year the ingesting, keywording and editing works mostly fine. I am now at almost 3000 clips and while last year my old Macbook (2008) with 4GB started bitching around with 1500 clips in FCPX 10.0.0 I have no problems at all now with FCPX 10.0.5 and the Macbook from 2011 with 16GB RAM.

We got a request to send a few minutes of news rushes of a stage and a few pictures for the stages before.

So after shooting another 450 clips during stage 2 we got back to the hotel, started our ingest plus backup plus basic key wording (day, camera, operator)…..then put some rushes into a timeline (already had some prepared last night) and also adding some interviews.

The problem: I was so fast done with these rushes I am now waiting for FCPX to complete the ingest. As long as clips are not finished ingesting you cannot export the timeline. 

That´s how fast it is. Of course it is only partially good news, because basically the delay during ingest comes from the fact that FCPX stops ingesting in the background while I edit. We were having a discussion if it would be faster to use XDCam Transfer and then import the re-wrapped files at least for some cards. But to me in the long term of the project it makes more sense to stick to the FCPX-only workflow instead of having to keep track which cards got imported how. The question is, if FCPX will ever be able to ingest while I am editing.


After day 4 we had 3 clips that were imported from a camera-archive that showed up as missing media, while the rest of the card was online. To my surprise there is now a "tapeless-batch-capture" feature in FCPX called "re-link Event files from camera /archive" and it is in the File>Import menu 

Now that is a nice addition to the feature set.

We basically have only one issue in our roadtrip-workflow: Since we are two editors it would be nice to share the event on one mobile drive. You can set it up via LAN and SAN and whatnot, but not in a mobile setting. If I have an event I can then also share it and share the projects that I generate in the event. The problem here is that the Event is growing every day. So if I share after 3 do I sync that event with the other one which has only 2 days in it?

Our solution now was to create a new event with the same native media on the second machine; e.g. Stefan makes an event with all "Day 3 footage" and edits a project with that. I can simply copy the project and then RELINK it to my Event, although it has nothing to do with Stefan´s event FCPX relaizes it is the same media behind it. It works amazingly well. But we would prefer to work in the same event on the same thunderbolt drive and edit in it simultanously. That would lift FCPX to another level for these kinds of gigs.


One year after FCPX - packing for another Peakbreak

Exactly a year ago I started using Apple´s FCPX and immediately jumped into it on a big production. It became a FCPX-MegaTest and I blogged about my experiences here:

It is time for another Peakbreak production this week. We are packing the gear and preparing for 9 days of shooting with 5 camcorders (one Canon C300, two Sony EX-1, one Canon 7D, one Panasonic HVX200) and several GoPros.  

This time it will be much smoother experience. FCPX has grown with 5 updates, my Macbook Pro has an i7 CPU a much better GPU and 16GB of RAM and we, Alban Egger and Stefan Krösbacher, have used FCPX on dozens of high-quality productions now and know how to use it.  

Since I just relaunched my site with a blog-feature, this year I can do it here. So we invite you to follow us and see how on-the-road-productions are done in FCPX 10.0.5 (at least how we do them ;-) )

Peakbreak is a bicycle-race for hobbyists in Austria and Switzerland, where the riders have to bike mountain-stages for 8 days. They have to compete on some very legendary climbs like Groglockner, Monte Zoncolan and the Kitzbüheler Horn. Here is the race-site.

We bring these camcorders + audiogear a Cinevate Atlas slider, 2 Macbook Pros, 1 WD MyBook (2TB), 1 Samsung USB-backup drive (2TB), an iPad and some rain-covers for all that.