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"under the hood" features in FCPX 10.0.6

Top 3 "not so obvious" features of the update:

1. Export happens in the background. When you export, doesn´t´matter to what format, FCPX will not have an export dialogue, but it will start in the background. You can work on the project or open another one. FCPX just got faster again....
1a: Bundle export. You can create bundles for different clients! One wants youtube/XDcam and a DVD, the other one wants vimeo, BluRay and an e-mail for confirmation......all in one button.

2. Dual viewers can have their own scopes
2b: While we are at the UI: the dividerlines between window-regions can be grabbed easier. I constantly had problems resizing the event library MUCH better now

3. Flexible anchoring keeps the connected clips in place no matter what. When go to "Position Mode" and take a clip from the primary away, the connected clips stay and are now connected to a gap-clip. This is very close to what traditional editing was like, for those who can´t get their head around ripple modes and connected clips.