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Peakbreak 2014 - cycling documentary

Auftraggeber: Peakbreak

After last year's success (40 networks worldwide broadcasted our Peakbreak documentary) eggermedia produces another episode of "hobby-cyclists going to their personal limits" in the Austrian and Italian Alps.

It is a small production over 8 days where we create about 3000 clips (700GB data) on XDCam, Canon DSLR and GoPro cameras. The endresult will be two 26-minute documentaries (1 for the main Austrian network, 1 for the international distribution).

We use FCPX, of course, again to sift through the data and to combine the race in the front of the peloton with the documentary about the hobbyist-bikers several hours back. On my gearblog I will post a quick overview about the groth of FCPX 10.0.0 from 2011 (when we did Peakbreak on FCPX also) and now FCPX 10.1.2.

Here are the webclips that we created for the participants from 8 countries, to show them something until the actual documentary is edited. After all they are not paid and deserve at least this little "treat" by us.

Peakbreak 2014 Webclip Stage 1-5 from on Vimeo.

Peakbreak 2014 Webclip Stages 6-8 from on Vimeo.